Jennifer Nelson
Memorial website in the memory of your loved one

This memorial website was created in memory of our daughter & sister, "Jenn"-Jennifer Nelson, who was born on October 15, 1990 and passed away on January 16, 2007 at the age of 16.
We will remember her forever. I want everyone of you to know that this site is for all of us to celebrate a beautiful girl and her life. You are welcome to add to any part of it. Please feel free to light a candle, leave a tribute, add a picture, or contact me.

HAPPY 21st Birthday!!

You would have been 21yrs old on

 October 15. Wow! I can only imagine.

 There have been so many changes in

 the last 4 1/2 years. Your friends

 going to college, getting married or

 having babies. I try to picture

"Who You'd Be Today".

You'd be so happy for them but where

 would you be? What would you be


I miss you & love you.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!


Another Great Strides Walk is done in Rapid City. The total raised was around $72000! $20000 more than last year! The rain held off until we were done. We will be walking in Sioux Falls on June 4 too. If you would like to join us or donate you can go to



We gave out Jenn's Celebration Of Life Scholarships last weekend. There were 5 recipients. One being a cousin & another was Jenn's friend since childhood. We have given 5 ~ $100 scholarships for 3 years now.


I haven't been able to get on this site for a couple of reasons. One being how busy I am and the other being technical issues.


January ~ sad time.....

I have not posted for quite awhile. This is a hard time of year for me. It's not just the holidays, it's reliving the time leading up to January. I always seem to not be able to stop myself from going through everything moment by moment from about July 2006 on. Our trip to San Antonio, TX with our youth group for a wonderful adventure with 25,000 youth and chaperones praising our Lord, first plane ride, taxi ride, etc. Late summer & fall when we stared remodeling our house and moved to grandma & grandpa's house, school starting in a new town and all the scary and wonderful things that entailed, homecoming, Jenn's 16th Birthday, getting sick, trips to the hospital. Thanksgiving and Christmas, moving to my mom & dad's house to try and keep Jenn away from so many people to keep her from getting sicker. Hospital stays and doctor visits to Rapid, Omaha, & Minneapolis.All the stress and pain and suffering Jenn had and all the wonderful people who tried to help us in any way they could. Missing our family and spending time apart and the time we got to spend together. And those last few weeks...and days....Makes me so's hard not to just cry all the time. But I go on because I need to, because I will do this for Jenn, I will try my best to do what she would have wanted, to honor her, to remember.... I love you my funny, sassy, smart girl who was an inspiration to me and all those who knew her. I will carry on....I find each year is a little easier and a little harder all rolled up in one emotional time.


The Local FCCLA Chapter did a fundraiser for the second year in a row.


There were less members but they did great! Thanks to a generous community, they raised $1000! The National Mutual Benefit is going to match this - so actually we will have raised $2000 or Cystic Fibrosis.



HaPpY 20th BiRtHdAy!!



It is only 5 days until Jenn's B-day....she would have been 20 years old. Just like the song "I wonder.....who you'd be today?"



We had a good turnout and a beautiful day!!! Thanks to our friends & family for coming and supporting us and Jenn's Scholarship!





Lake Wagoneer Golf Course - Philip

September 12, 2010

Four Person Scramble 1PM

$35 per person (includes supper)

Get your team together and call:

843-2223 or 308-862-1051

Roast Beef Supper 4-6PM

$5 a plate served by the United Youth Group

Christian Concert featuring:


6-8pm Tickets $10 (ages 12 & up)

$5 (ages 5-12) FREE (ages 5 & under)





We are doing a "Fun"draiser right now in Kadoka & Philip for Jenn's Green Team. There are pink flamingos that keep landing in someones yard. There is a sign that says "You've Been Flamingoed" by Jenn's Green team!!!!! then they have to pay $15 but they get to choose where the birds will go next. It has went real well in Kadoka and pretty good in Philip. As long as the people are home.




The Great Strides Walk in Sioux Falls had a great turnout. Around 500 walkers and we raised $125,000!!!!! Jenn's Green Team had 12 team members there. The rain held off until we finished!


The CF Walk in Rapid City went well! Lots of people came out to help walk for a cure. The weather cooperated too! The total for all funds raised this year so far is $56,000! Wow! I had wonderful family and friends who helped put this event on. I will post pictures later. Our team had about 40 members there and 3 of our 4 legged friends also!



PHS Baccalureate & Graduation 

May 17, 2010 Philip High School Gym 1:00pm

We gave the Jennifer Nelson Celebration of Life Scholarship to 5 deserving seniors again this year. Carissa Doolittle, Danielle Piroutek, Karch Foley, Kenzy Pinney, & Colby Smith

They each received a $100 scholarship.

James announced them this year and I gave them to the recipients. It was more difficult than I thought it was going to be.


We are ordering t-shirts for the walks! Contact me if you want one. They are $11 plus tax for child sizes - adult XL, $16 for 2X-4X. We are ordering right away!

Great Strides Walk For a Cure!!

Jenn's Green Team will once again be trying to raise awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis! We honor Jenn's memory by helping those who are still fighting and living with this disease, each and  every day. Please join us! Any donation would be appreciated. We would love to have you walk with us also! Our team will be walking in Rapid and Sioux Falls!

Rapid City,SD - Old Storybook Island Shelter

Saturday May 22, 2010

9:00am registration - walk to follow

Lunch served after

Go to:

to register for our team!

Sioux Falls,SD - Spencer Park

Saturday June 5, 2010

9:00am registration - walk to follow

lunch served after

Go to:

to register for our team!

We will have music & fun! Wear your green!! Can't wait to see each and everyone of you! Please help us raise more than last year!

Any fundraising ideas contact Nicki.We will be raising money all year even after the walk!



2-26-10 Sometimes I wonder.....Who you'd be today? I feel you everywhere I go...I see your smile ..I see your face..  

Would you see the world?.. Would you chase your dreams?... Some days the sky's so blue.. feel like I could talk to you...I know it might sound crazy...

It ain't fair you died too young, like a story that had just begun...but death tore the pages all away...

God knows how I miss You...Just knowin' ,No one could take your place...  But sometimes I wonder..who you'd be today?...Today...Sunny days seem to hurt the most....Only thing that gives me I know.. I'll see you again someday....someday...

2-16-10 It is time to start thinking Great Strides Walk again!  Jenn's Green Team is registered and if you would like to join us in raising money and awareness we would love it! The walk is May 22 at the old Storybook Island Shelter in Rapid City,SD. My CFF Website is

Please come help us makes steps towards a cure! More info to follow soon!


 1-16-10 In about 2 hours, it will be 3yrs since we had to say goodbye to our Jenn. I guess Heaven needed another Angel. So here I sit wondering why we couldn't have her here alittle while longer...and knowing her life was full of suffering and pain and difficulty. How could that compare to her life with the Lord? Free from pain, able to breath freely, sing, dance, what ever she wants to do... She loved music and I find the most comfort and heartache in the songs she loved and those since then that seem to say how we feel without her ..... We live, We love, We forgive and never give up cuz the days we are given are a gift from above...and today we Remember to live & to love...

1-09-10 Almost 3 is that possible?? How could the world just keep going on without you?? I wake up and see your smiling face on my wall from when you were little and I smile and sometimes I cry. How could someone who is such an important part of your life be there one day and just be gone the next?? How could time pass and it be this long since you have been here? Your friends are graduated and at college, James is almost 21, Lucky is 5, dad & I are getting older. We have a new little Nelson - Kaiden and all your cousins are getting so big! We have almost finished the basement! You would have liked it. Today Grandma Lyndy & I are going to prime and paint your old room. I have so many memories of getting it ready for you when we painted it the last time...... I am going to use it as my office and scrapbook room. I am having a little trouble thinking about you and painting over the room even though dad has done such a good job remodeling it.

10-31-09  We had a fundraiser for CF. The FCCLA group at PHS went Trick or Treating for CF on Halloween Night from 5-7pm in Philip. We had 19 students. They went door to door and asked for donations to help save lives. Afterwards they came back to the school and we had soup, bars, etc for them. Then from 8-11pm we had a Halloween  Costume Dance. Wes, James & I chaperoned along with my mom & dad, my friend Michelle and the teacher/FCCLA Advisor Brigitte. We raised $900!!!! WOW!!  So cool! In memory of Jenn of course! Some of these students were Jenn's friends too.


10-15-09  Happy Birthday to YOU!! We love you and miss you! No party today with your friends as they are all at college. Balloons for you from mom,dad, & James. Grandma Lyndy called this morning to tell us she was thinking of you today. Hope you have a wonderful celebration in Heaven the day you were born! 


10-11-09 Only 4 days until your 19th B-day. What to do to honor the day?? No wonderful class to celebrate and share the day with.. Maybe I will just stay home and see if I can work on emptying your room?? I so want the basement done so those things can be moved out of your room and have it be how you would have wanted it. What would you be doing now? New lungs would hve opened up a whole new set of opportunities and issues for you but I wonder what you would have been able to do. It is hard sometimes to think of this. Be with us during this time. We all miss you!


10-1-09  October is here... Your Birthday would be in 2 weeks. 19 yrs old....

9-11-09 I so remember where we were that day! Jenn & I were in Missouri Valley about 15 minutes outside of Omaha,NE. We were getting ready to go to her appt. She was watching CMT Videos and there was this strange picture that came up on the screen. We finally realized what happened. It was unbelievable!? We drove into Omaha because the nurses said we would still have her appt. As I was driving into town, I heard on the radio that they tought an airplane had landed at Offuit Air Base. They thought Air Force One had landed!!! I kept thinking - don't let them know where the President is!!! It was scary!! I was also trying to find out about my Uncle who worked at the Pentagon. He was ok but the plane had hit about 150 feet from where he was!!  What a tragedy! We will always remember! We will never forget all those who lost their lives and all those that tried to save  them!


8-13-09 It is August. Jenn's friends are all getting ready to head off to college. It is sad to think about it. I don't know what you would have chosen to do? Maybe photography? Maybe not? I am also realizing how much I am going to miss your friends who I have gotten to know. It is a weird empty nest syndrome I suppose. That and James has been home this summer which is great but he is planning to go back to school in Sioux Falls and it will be sad too. Sometimes it is hard to be the mom, I think. 

7-11-09 We had a good Reunion! 72 family members were able to come! Wish we could have gotten everyone there, maybe another time. It was great to see all my family. Some I haven't seen for a long time. There is something so nice about just being yourself because they have known you your whole life.

7-1-09 We are counting down the days to our Dozens of Cousins Reunion at Barb's. It will be good to see all my family.


6-21-09 We had a good walk in Sioux Falls and managed to avoid the rain! It poured up until time to announce the teams then it stopped! It was cold though. The Sioux Falls total was $91,541 - wow!


6-01-09 James & his friend - Kayla were here this weekend. It was so nice! He will be moving home in 1 week! I look forward to having home this summer. 



6-01-09 If you would like to join us or donate to this cause please go to:

5-31-09 We walked a 6K for CF again! On Saturday, Jenn's Green Team (about 30) walked in Rapid City to help raise $ and awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. We turned in around $2500!! The total in Rapid was around $43,000!! Wow!! It was a good day. We enjoyed good weather and good friends & family. It was the same day as the State track Meet so some friends couldn't be there with us. The Philip team and many others wore green ribbons while they did their events in support of our team! I wish I could have been there to see them too! Next weekend Sioux Falls Walk!!

5-30-09 Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis in Rapid City


5-25-09 Memorial Day - We had friends and family here yesterday to brand and to attend church for Sr Day. The ladies at church gave us a pillow that matched the quilt we received from the Senior Class in memory of Jenn.


5-23-09 Almost Memorial Day again and this year we are relieved to finally have Jenn's stone in place! They installed it last Friday and we have been getting the site ready for Monday. It looks like what we wanted. James' cross looks perfect.


5-17-09   Class of 2009 Graduation Day! This would have been Jenn's Day. It has been a difficult spring leading up to today. I am happy for all her friends and classmates but I can't help being sad that she didn't get to be here for this milestone. Her friends and class have been great! They invited us to her Senior BBQ on Thursday and presented us with a beautiful quilt they had made. It has senior pics of all her class and group pics of them. Jenn's pic is in the middle. It is purple, lime green, & white. It was so special! They want to have it at graduation on her empty chair. We are hoping to get thru today and just celebrate with all the graduates and not be too emotional. I'm not sure that is possible though.  

5-8-09 May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Please join our cause! Help make CF stand for Cure Found!!

Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic, genetic disease that effects about 30,000 adults & children in the US & 70,000 worldwide. 1 in 28 caucasians are carriers of this disease.

We have 2 teams walking to raise money & awareness for CF. They are in memory of our beautiful, sassy daughter. "Jenn's Green Team" will walk in Rapid City,SD on May 30 & in Sioux Falls,SD on June 6. We ask any & all of you to consider walking with us if you are in the area or if you can, to donate to this cause!

You can join us by going to :

Look for SD and choose which walk you want to participate or donate on.

Please help remember Jenn & the courageous battle she fought & those who are still fighting today.


5-7-09 I went to help James pack up stuff in his apartment and bring all the smaller stuff home. He will be done with college this week! He is going to stay in eastern SD with a friend until June 6 when we will be walking in Sioux Falls and then he is coming home to western SD for the summer!! He will be working for a neighbor and stay with us. I am looking forward to seeing him so much more.

Here is a link to a video that I created for Jenn & our Walk for CF. Hope you enjoy!

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4-15-09 Another special event and another example of the kind of caring people we have in our lives. Jenn had just joined the FCCLA at PHS when she started there her sophmore year. She was really enjoying being part of this group. The FCCLA & the FFA have an auction each year as a fundraiser and this year the seniors decided that all the money they raised would go to the CF Foundation in memory of Jenn. Wow!  They also have something called Scottie Fest in April. It is like an all school carnival of sorts. The groups and classes have booths and the community can come and enjoy it. The seniors have a kissing booth and they have decided to do "Kisses for Jenn" and donate their proceeds to our walk to raise money for the CF Foundation also. It makes me so humble to think that these young adults are so caring and want to do this for Jenn! They are amazing teenagers and I can never be able to tell them how much they have added to our lives and helped us through this last 2 years. I just know they are all destined to do great things in their lives!

4-15-09 As we get closer to May and all the things that come with spring of what would have been Jenn's Senior year, it is brought home more and more how much we still miss her. We never forget, but sometimes you can keep yourself busy doing all the daily things in life that you keep some of that sadness under wraps. There have been some amazing and wonderful things that we have experienced in the last 2 years also. Jenn's friends and classmates, our family and friends, neighbors, even strangers that have continued to show us just how much Jenn touched everyones lives and continues to do so.  


 4-5-09 Last night was the JR/SR Prom in Philip. We had a snowstorm all day. I wanted to go because it would have been Jenn's Sr Prom but wasn't sure about the roads. Wes took me up so we could see all her friends and classmates. They always look so nice all dressed up! I'm so glad we went! Callie, Mariah, Alaetra, Loni, Grace, Emery and all of her class. Jenn's childhood friend and classmate Mariah got Prom Queen - so cool! There were friends of hers from other towns that came too. One friend moved a few years ago and I was so glad to see her. The kids had a good time despite the blizzard (Hopefully it kept them at the festivities and a little safer). There are photos in her photo album of the festivities. Another milestone of what would have been her Senior year has went by. It was fun but as always it made me sad too. The theme was "Memories Cannot Be Masked" and on the back of the Prom program were these words: "In Loving Memory of Senior Angel Classmate Jennifer Nelson". Just example of how they always remember her.  

4-2-09 I went to talk to the Senior Class today. I wanted to tell them about the walk for CF. They were great! I took them brownies and Easter candy as I figure teenagers will appreciate that! They had some good ideas for fundraising and seemed willing to help. Some wanted to walk in May too. They are getting ready for Prom for this weekend. It is kind of sad to know Jenn is not here to enjoy this but I'm glad they still include her in their thoughts and us in their activities.


 3-21-09 We received an amazing e-mail today! Last fall on Jenn's B-day (10/15/08) we had a party with her Senior Class and released 18 green balloons. Attached to a couple of them were small tubes with notes inside telling who, what and why we did this. Today we received an e-mail from someone that found one on Wednesday(3/18/09) on the shores of Lake Michigan just south of Manitowac,WI. We were surprised it would go from the middle of Western SD to there and happy that someone would take the time to let us know. Thank you to that someone!  I can't wait to tell her class next week!

 Walk For CF!! 

We have formed a team to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis again this year. Jenn's Green Team will be walking in Rapid CitySD at Old Story Book Island on May 30 at 9:00am, and again in Sioux Falls,SD at Spencer Park on June 6. Anyone who would like to join us can go to  

You can also support our team with a donation if you can't be there and would like to help.

More info coming soon! 

We have been approaching all those things that happen at this busy time of year. Ball games, concerts, plays,Prom, Graduation. Jenn's class gave us t-shirts that they got for their class. They are black with lime green writing. On the back is the year 09 with all their signatures on it like graffitti. By her friends names is written "our classmate angel Jennifer Nelson". They wanted us to have these tees so we can wear them to events between now and the end of the year. They also asked if we would like to help with Prom or the Post Prom events. It is great to be included! We miss not being able to do these things with Jenn and appreciate her class letting us be there.

Thank you to everyone who remembered us and Jenn on her Angelversary. We find time does ease some of the pain but it never does go away. We miss her like it was yesterday only it's so hard to realize it's been 2 years.  

On January 16, we did what we have been trying to do for 2 years. We ordered Jenn's Memorial Stone. It should be in place by Memorial Day next spring.

"One hundred years from now, it won't matter what car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."



Love and Kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.  

-Barbara De Angelis-


-Theodore Roosevelt-

 1-01-09 Happy New Year! It's 2009! How did it get here already? 2009 has a whole different meaning than it used to. 2009 was supposed to be Jenn's year to graduate, not the year we mark 2 years since our Jenn had to leave us. It has been a struggle - sometimes better, sometimes worse but always a struggle to know she isn't here with us. We hope to find ways to remember and honor her this year with her class as they complete their Senior year and go out into the world. We wish you all a blessed new year and remember to make your family a priority. Spend time with them and friends, life is short don't be so busy that you miss the most important things.

12-30-08 We had Christmas at my mom & dad's on Saturday and everyone enjoyed time spent together. We miss Jenn and there is always an empty stocking hanging on the fireplace. Mom & Dad did something that was so special. They gave a Christmas donation to Jenn's Memorial Scholarship that we want to start giving this year to the Class of 2009. We are trying to think of ways to raise money each year so we can keep this going in celebration of her life.

12-26-08 Christmas was good. We missed you and Grandpa though. Grandma had Pat make nice denim blankets out of Grandpa's jeans and shirts for dad and your uncles. It is amazing to see how much all the grandkids have grown and wonderful that we could spend time together. I even played golf?!? on the Wii!! I beat dad too!

12-6-08 Another lovely  chance to enjoy seeing family! On Saturday we had lunch with my At Nancy, Cousin Marty & his friend Lori, & his son at my mom & dad's. Also my At Dell & Un Jim came, mom's cousin Judy and my brother Vint & his son. We did lots of eating, talking, looking at pics, and of course the guys had a couple good games of cards. It has been a long time since we were able to all get together. We were missing a few of us but it was so nice to see them all. Maybe we can do this again sooner because life is short and we need to take the time for family.They are the most important thing we have.

11-30-08 We had more Thanksgiving with the Ireland's on Saturday. We went to my mom & dad's for dinner. My brother, sister-in-law,niece & nephew were there and my great aunt. We all ate too much, did lots of visiting and Uncle Wes of course played with my 4 yr. old nephew. It was another good day!

11-28-08 We had a good Thanksgiving with the Nelson's. We went to Wayne & Stacey's house on Thursday for lunch and of course ate too much! Wes helped Wayne work on his addition, the kids enjoyed the nice day outside and us ladies visited and poured over the sale ads for the next day! Then Wes, Gr. Rose, and I went back home and had supper with Wade, Becky and the boys. Again we seemed to eat too much but that goes along with the day. James went to my cousin Naomi's house in Sioux Falls and will be home Dec 6th & 7th.  

11-22-08 What a good day! I got to spend it with Wes' family and especially my niece Savannah! What a big girl she is getting to be. Jenn would have been so happy to be there! We played and played and then she took a nap with Aunt Nicki holding her while Aunt Nicki watched the Philip Lady Scotties win the State B Volleyball Tournament! Yeh!! There are 4 of Jenn's classmates on that team and some made All Tournament too!  

11-16-08 We celebrated my niece Ashley's 13th B-day today.It is hard to believe she is that age already! It's also hard to believe that today is 22 months since our Jenn left us. How is that even possible. It's almost like sometimes she is just away and any time she could walk back through that door. I miss her and what she would be doing now. I wish she was here to be James' little sis' Ashley & Austin's big cousin, the oldest girl in the Nelson family - Abbi misses her and so do Austin & Aaron, and Savannah will never know about her unless we tell her how much her "Big" cousin loved her. When her cousins Bryan & Chandler come home for the weekend to hunt or visit and James is here it is great but there is always someone missing. When someone asks me about my children, how many do I have? I always say 2! I always will but how do you bring up what happened? I had someone at my house this weekend that didn't know us or our history and she was looking at the kids pics on the entertainment center and said something like that must not be Jenn's latest picture and I was left standing there wondering what to say. I told her the truth because that is all I can do but felt bad to put her in that position when she didn't know. This comes up every so often but I will always talk about both my children. It is easier with people we know because I don't have to explain but there are also memories or unfulfilled wishes that are brought up when we are around friends of ours or Jenn's. I guess it will always be this way. Jenn was here and we will carry her with us where ever we go. We love You!

11-02-08 I was in Pierre yesterday at a holiday show and looked over to see a little girl with a denim jacket and on the back it said JENN! we were visiting with her mom and I commented on how she spelled Jenn with two n's like my daughter's name and she said her name was really Jenna and the "a" had fallen off. I thought to myself - another "God-incidence". A sweet reminder and hello from my Jenn!   

10-23-08 I started a new job in May at a daycare in the neighboring town. Yesterday we were cleaning out storage closets and putting all the summer things away until next year. In the bottom of a crate of hats, I found a Barney hat that looked just like one Jenn used to have. I turned it over and guess what was written on the bill? "Jen" Then one of the other people I work with pulled out a couple of hats and there was a Lion King hat that looked just like one Jenn wore alot. I turned it over and there on the tag was "Jen N." in my handwriting! What a "God-incidence" that someone had gotten these at a rummage sale when the kids were younger and they ended up in the neighboring town at the place where I went to work! What a warm feeling I got! Just like Jenn saying hello!   

  "Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the Love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."                    - Eskimo Legend -   


Jennifer's 18th Birthday - October 15,2008   



Jenn's PHS Class of 2009 on her 18th Birthday getting ready to release 18 lime green balloons. The day went great! We cooked 15 pizzas and had chips and a gallon of ice cream! The kids were great too! Many of them wore lime green and so did others at school. Check out the photo album for more photos.  

                  October 15  

Our Jenn's Birthday!   

She would have been 18. It is so hard to think of the fact that it has been almost 2 years since we lost her. We are going to celebrate with her class at school. Her friend Callie & her class are planning to have "Green Day" at school and encourage everyone to wear green to remember her. The class is giving out candy bars to the whole school. Also we are going to have a pizza party for the Senior Class. I am going to get balloons for them to release and a bouquet for Jenn's site too. I wish James could be home but it is a Wednesday and he goes to school 4 hrs away. I'm hoping to maybe do something for family too. 

Happy Birthday Jenn

We LOVE You! 

      Jenn's friend Callie invited me to go along last Thursday when she had her Senior pictures taken. It was so special for me. The photographer  was special also, as she used to babysit Jenn & James when they were young. All of Callie's pics were so good. She has a wonderful smile and is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She wanted to take some pictures with Jenn's letterman's jacket and picture. These turned out so nice. I wish I could post some for you to see but this is Callie's time to shine and I don't want to take away from that. If she would decide it was ok later to have the pic with Jenn's jacket on this site, I will put them on. She has included Wes & I in her life over these last 19 months. Callie & Jenn's class have kept in touch with us and remembered our family throughout this time too. This means so much to us.  

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things"     

 To the world You may be one person,

but to one person You may be the world!  

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves 'who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous'. Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It's not just some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.   

Marianne Williamson  (from the movie "Coach Carter")

 Jenn loved this quote and liked this movie almost as much as "Remember the Titans" 

7-16-08 Today is exactly one & a half years since our beautiful girl left this earth to fly free with the angels in heaven. Free to breath, free to run, free to dance, free to sing! No matter how much we miss her each and every day, we know she would never have been free from meds, doctors, appointments. How we wish that we could have changed something that would have saved her. How we wish she was here with us. She will always be our inspiration to live life to the fullest, never take a moment for granted, always say "I Love You" because you do not know how many moments we may have left. So take that extra minute to a tell those around you how you feel, to do what is right, to be the best friend, parent, sibling, grandparent, and person that you can be. I believe that Jenn is there with us where ever we may be and where ever we may go. Guiding us and encouraging us.

 I have a geranium at Jenn's site on the hill above Midland and go to water it and visit every couple days. A little while ago, I went and there was a bird's nest in the flower pot. When I went back a few days later, there were eggs in it! The mamma bird flew circles above my head to let me know to leave them alone. I went up yesterday after work and it had been pretty warm outside. When I leaned over to water the geranium, the mamma bird flew up and then I noticed a cottontail bunny laying stretched out on it's stomache like it was hot, right on top of Jenn's site. He just looked at me and never moved! I've been up there many times and seen a cottontail but never that close! It is sweet to think that they are living close to Jenn!

                                            They hatched!  

                               COME WALK WITH US!  

The walk in Sioux Falls went well too! Total between the two walks we raised $1500. We hope to continue to fund raise throughout the year so we can top that next year! We had a great day last Saturday! There was a sea of lime-green representing Jenn's Green Team. The walk went well even though we did get rained on some. We didn't mind, the sun came out afterwards. We walked 10K and Jenn's friends and cousins had alot of fun dancing to the DJ after lunch. We raised over $1000 and hope to do even more next year! 

Jenn's Green Team - Rapid City

Now it's on to Sioux Falls for the walk next weekend! It's Saturday,June 7,2008 @ 9:00am CT.Anyone that's interested can go to the web address below.

Jenn's Green Team - Sioux Falls

We  formed a team to walk in the Great Strides Walk to raise money & awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. They are held all over the country. Please get involved if you can to help this worthy cause! If anyone would like to donate or if you live in our area please come join us on May 31,2008 at 9:00am MT at the Old Storybook Island Shelter off Canyon Lake Road in Rapid City,SD.  You can also contact me. My e-mail is: or go online to, click on Great Strides, choose SD and then sign up to be on our team or to donate. The direct address is: 

My son goes to college on the other side of the state in Sioux Falls,SD and he is going to do the walk there! So you can go on to the same site to sign up for that walk too. It will be on June 7,2008 at Spencer Park at 9:00am CT. It might be too late to help our Jenn, but I know she would want us to continue to try to help others to live long, happy lives with this disease. Thank you to all of you for your love and support. 

While you are on the CFF website look at the News & Events Box and click on the 4/29/08 news. There is a Resolution before the Senate and Congress to make May - National CF Awareness Month. If you would like to help, go on the site and you can send a letter to your representatives/senators encouraging them to pass this resolution. We can help build hope and add tomorrows every day for those with Cystic Fibrosis 


 Hey everyone! Jenn must be busy up in heaven because somebody found the "on" switch for rain finally! It just keeps raining every few days. This is unheard of in our part of South Dakota. I've put on songs Jenn had on her ipod and we played at the funeral. These were important to her and us. I hope you enjoy and I am so glad to get her music on this site.


I would love to have everyone that visits light a candle or leave a memory on the tributes section. It is so wonderful to have a way to share who Jenn was with you and to remember her always. 
                  Jenn's Story    

            Jennifer was born to Wes and Nicki Nelson. Jenn had one big brother, James. She was loved even before she arrived and more so when we held her for the first time. Jenn was the second grandchild and the first girl. She had 5 great grandparents living at the time she was born (we have since lost 4 of them) and both sets of grandparents (Grandma Rose & Grandpa Ole, Grandma Lyndy & Grandpa Kenny). In July 2007 we lost Wes' Dad - Ole.
     When she was born, Jenn had a plugged intestine that required surgery the same day. The doctors suspected that she may have Cystic Fibrosis. At 2 months, she was tested and it came back positive.We were put in touch with a CF specialist in Omaha,Nebraska who tested her again. Yes, she did have CF. This began a 16 year journey of hope. Hope inspired by a feisty little girl that never wanted to miss out on anything in life. She went out with her Dad to see the baby calves on our ranch, did tumbling and gymnastics, played in the snow with her brother.There were many times that she couldn't do what she wanted,or to the degree she would have liked,but if she could she would! 

      Jenn spent every day of her life doing breathing treatments and chest physiotherapy (morning and night). She had to take meds of every kind which increased as her health deteriated. She did nightly tube feeding to try and help her nutrition. We had to travel eight hours from home to see specialists every couple months. Hospital stays of 2-3 weeks, a couple times a year, were the norm; plus more IVs at home. She hated having to miss things at home and school, but was treated like family by the nurses, RT's, & staff while in the hospital. This was her life, but she didn't let that keep her from being involved with all the things a girl would want to do! 

     She was smart and sassy. She could roll her eyes at you better then anyone! You always knew when she was feeling better, because she would start giving those around her a little attitude. She loved her dog, Lucky; little kids and babies. She liked to cook, shop, and loved the color lime green! She liked to do creative things like crafts, making jewelry, scrapbooking, even some painting. She was developing a real interest in photography. She loved music and liked country and contemporary christian rock. She liked Superchick and others she heard at the Youth Gathering in San Antonio. But Carrie Underwood was her favorite! She was sure she must have helped her win the American Idol as she voted so many times! She liked good sports movies like Remember The Titans.  If she liked a movie, she could watch it over and over, and would memorize all the best parts and repeat them word for word. She got a kick out of Blue Collar Comedy, and used to love to watch the Three Stooges. 

       Jenn did many things in her short 16 years. She was in gymnastics for over 6yrs, played grade girl's basketball and grade boy's cheerleading, did tumbling, took piano lessons, & was a Highschool cheerleader @MHS. She attended Camp Jenney in Nebraska every summer for 5 yrs. This was a place where she could just be herself. Jenn was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church and Youth Group, the Bad River Buckaroos 4-H Club, the Haakon/Jackson 4-H Jr. Leaders, the American Legion Auxiliary, the FBLA Chapter @ MHS, & the FCCLA @ PHS. She had her first plane ride, taxi ride, and trip; the summer of 2006, going to San Antonio,TX for the ELCW Lutheran Youth Gathering.

     Jenn had just started at a new high school in the neighboring town and was loving it! New friends, classes and experiences. She only got to go a couple months before her health took a major decline. One of the last things she did while still at school, was give a speech to her whole class about Cystic Fibrosis and informed them that she had this disease. She was in the process of trying to get a double lung transplant when she went to be with the Lord. Jenn and our family were blessed with very caring friends and family who put a campaign together to help raise money for her transplant. They did so many things to let people know about Jenn and her hope for a transplant. A pie auction, fundraisers, articles in the paper, signs at school, stockings at Christmas, Green Day at school and at ball games in honor of Jenn and to raise awareness of Organ Donation. She was loved by so many and will be missed!   



They that wait upon the Lord, 

shall renew their strength.

They shall rise up with Wings as Eagles

  They shall run and not be weary,

    They shall walk and will not faint" 

       Isiah 40:31   

Look in the photo album at Jenn's friends t-shirts that they decorated for the Great Strides Walks. They have changed the verse to fit our Jenn.  

" God saw you getting tired, a cure was not to be so He put his arms around you, and whispered, "Come with Me". With tearful eyes we watched you and saw you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, your tender hands at rest God took you home to prove to us, He only takes the best. "   .



































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Tributes and Condolences
The Cord   / Nicki (Mom)
We are connected My child and I by An invisible cord Not seen by the eye. It's not like the cord That connects us'til birth This cord can't be seen By any on Earth. This cord does it's work Right from the start. It binds us together ...  Continue >>
Always and Forever!!!!!!!!!   / Erica Williams
Almost 2 years ago in Heaven, A sweet Angel went to our Father's throne
This Angel said, My heavenly Father
I've been in heaven for just a few days
Wearing wings made of silver and gold
While Mom's face is stained with te...  Continue >>
Death's power is limited   / Mom
Death's power is limited - It cannot eradicate memories Or slay love It cannot destroy even a threadbare faith Or permanently hobble the smallest hope in God It cannot permeate the soul And it cannot cripple the spirit It merely seperates ...  Continue >>
LOVE  / Mom
Love Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly. Leave The Rest To GOD.
How can it be?   / Mom
How can it be 19 months tomorrow since we had to let you go? How can I ever stop missing you? We should be getting your Senior Pictures taken, registering you for classes, shopping for school clothes, looking forward to your last year in high school....  Continue >>
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Her legacy
CF Great Strides Walk '09  

We had a team walking in Rapid City & Sioux Falls again. Jenn's Green Team had around 30 people in Rapid City and a bunch of the Philip fans and track team at the State Track meet wearin' Lime green and remembering Jenn!  We walked and then released some balloons after to remember the day and Jenn - hope someone finds them! Our team raised around $1700  which included money raised and donated by the Senior FFA & FCCLA groups and the Senior Class. They are an amazing group of young people!  It was a beautiful day! Lots of family and friends - ours and Jenn's.

We also walked in Sioux Falls but had a smaller group - my cousin Callie & her children and my friend Shawn, James & I and pouring rain right up until it was time to walk! It was still good! We also met Wes' cousin's daughter who has CF . They formed a team after she was diagnosed basically at birth. So proud of Team Reese too!

Graduation 2009  

Graduation Class of 2009

Jenn's class graduated on May 17, 2009. There was an empty chair with a white cover and a beautiful green sash sitting between her cousin Loni & Mercedes where she would have been sitting. The class had invited us to their Senior BBQ during the last day of school. While we were there they and their advisor Laura surprised us with a quilt they had made with all their pics on it and signed it.. What a wonderful momento! They also gave us a cap and tassel . Brad gave us a picture he made in art class. They had a great video at graduation with all of their pics and a tribute to Jenn. What a nice job Tara! As they graduated they took flowers to their parents. Jenn's friends Callie & Mariah gave us flowers too. Lots of hugs from and for all of them. It was hard but good.  We think of them as our kids too!    

Jennifer Nelson Celebration of Life Scholarship  

PHS Graduation 2010

On May 17, 2010 we gave out the Jennifer Nelson Celebration of Life Scholarship. We again gave 5 deserving Seniors this scholarship. Students were: Carissa Doolittle Kenzy Pinney Karch Foley Colby Smith & Danielle Piroutek

Trick or Treating for CF 10/31/09  

Trick 0r Treating for CF

October 31, 2009

We had a wonderful evening with the FCCLA members and students of PHS! About 20 members of the FCCLA decided to come and be a part of this fundraiser. They dresses in costume formed teams and went out knocking on doors and raising money for CF. They had a good time and when they were finished we had a soup supper. Then we had a Halloween Masquerade Dance at PHS. The students raised just over $900 for the evening! Yeh for their hard work and the communities generousity! Wes James & I along with my mom & dad and the FCCLA advisor Brigette and my friend Michelle all chaperoned. It was a good evening!

Jennifer Nelson Celebration of Life Award  

We decided to do a scholarship in memory of Jenn but wanted to start it with Jenn's senior class. We would have loved to give them lots but decided to give $100 to 5 classmates. They wrote amazing apps! And wonderful thank you's. I think Jenn made an impact on all their lives. It has been wonderful to continue to be a part of their lives the last 2 years and I hope they keep in touch!

Jennifer's Photo Album
Jenn & baby cousin- July 2006
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